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Technology, addiction and enmeshment

I wanted to catch up on some reading over the Easter weekend, so I pulled out an old book and dug in, thoroughly enjoying the quiet time and endless hours stretched out in front of me. And then it happened. Tap. I wanted to get to the next page. Tap. Why isn’t it...

Childhood amnesia, early memories, and attachment

What’s your earliest childhood memory? Do you know how old you were at the time? Chances are it dates from when you were at least 3 years old; you’re in the minority if it’s otherwise. Typically, adults are unable to recall anything from infancy and early childhood,...

Returning from retreat: Welcome back to reality?

It’s been several days since I returned home from a personal retreat. I was way up north for four days in Lindisfarne, also known as the Holy Island. No doubt about it, I had discovered a magical place. Wild, windswept and rugged; just the sort of atmosphere I was...

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