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Heavy stuff: Guilt and the body

Focus for a moment on the word ‘guilt,’ and think back to the last time you felt it. Who, or what prompted it? What does it feel like? Where do you ‘hold’ it in your body? Chances are you’d describe the sensation of guilt as a kind of heaviness, a weighty feeling, as...

Metaphor matters

They’re not just figures of speech. We may not be fully conscious of it, but we are heavily influenced by metaphor. In fact, we’re steeped in it, every day of our lives. Metaphor is all around us in the world, not only appearing in our everyday speech, writing, and...

Technology, addiction and enmeshment

I wanted to catch up on some reading over the Easter weekend, so I pulled out an old book and dug in, thoroughly enjoying the quiet time and endless hours stretched out in front of me. And then it happened. Tap. I wanted to get to the next page. Tap. Why isn’t it...

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